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Ordained - L.C. Anthony
344 Pages, Softcover, $18.95
The Catholic Church is coming apart at the seams.  Frustration runs high as the hierarchy fails its people.  New hope is stirred by the death of the pope and the election of a new one, only to be dashed by his lack of action and decisiveness.  Enter a woman who has no thought of rocking the boat.  But that she does, bringing the Church to sanity and church leadership to its senses.
Back to the Manger - Margaret Ann Philbrick
32 Pages, Hardcover, $19.95

Throughout Inga's childhood, visiting an historic Neapolitan nativity scene each Christmas was a time-honored family tradition.  One year when Inga takes her own children to see it, she discovers that the creche is missing, Inga takes up the quest to find this Christmas treasure and restore a bit of holiday magic to the heart of the Chrismas season.


Back to the Manger
On Shifting Sand - M.S. Wasinger
Fiction, 271 Pages, Softcover, $17.95
Through the eyes of Father Ean Gottschalk, M.S. Wasinger’s novel provides a glimpse into the ups and downs of parish life.  He is a man of faith, sharing his struggles and joys while demonstrating that faith is to be nurtured and grown, even for a priest.  Fr. Ean’s story unfolds through a series of unexpected events.  Throughout Ean’s duress he realizes that his belief in God provides a stable footing, even on shifting sand.  In this story the reader is invited to enter into the humanness of priests, revealing an understanding and awareness of life within the structure of the Catholic Church, previously unconsidered by many readers. Readers of all persuasions will find this book engaging, informative and entertaining.


On Shifting Sand
Expedition Home - Journey to Safety from the Pandemic Influenze - Dr. Skip Hofstrand
 208 Pages,  Softcover, $16.00
Dr Hofstrand has written a definitive guide for those whose common sense leads them to prepare for the impending avian flu pandemic and can be directly applied to the current swine flu pandemic. This avian flu book or swine flu book is an authoritative, well-researched guide to the practice of "Preventive Quarantine" for families, small groups and communities. Will Steger, world famous Arctic Expedition Leader, provides the Introduction. Illustrated with pencil drawings by Susan Seme.

This is the full first edition, with extensive Appendices covering the principles, practices and supplies needed to successfully conduct preventive quarantine and dramatically improve your chances for surviving the pandemic or epidemic Influenza.  The strategies in this book also apply to the Swine Flu or H1N1 flu.

Expedition Home
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